The 30 Day Video Game Challenge #6 – Your Favourite FPS Game

Ah yes, the humble FPS game. A genre loved and lauded in equal measure. The bane of parents everywhere. Seriously, when I’m in Asda and there are children whos age can still be counted in single figures picking up COD: Black Ops off the shelf and going to the parents to buy it, something’s not right.

Now… I’m not going to sit here and talk about the above anymore. To do so would be hypocritical, as my sneaky youth activity is the subject of todays post. When I was younger, I played Doom 2 before I was 15. It was the rush of doing this even though I know I shouldn’t. That was then… fast forward over a decade and the genre has evolved far beyond the pixelated work of ID Software and John Romero.

But it’s Doom II which keeps me coming back for more. I think Doom is the only game which can still scare me (if not the only game which does) even though I’ve played it more times then I care to count, and I know the levels inside out, and what’s around every corner. I still leap out my chair at times. That might have something to do with playing it in the dark with booming headphones.

So yes.. Doom II. My favourite FPS game.

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