The 30 Day Game Challenge – #2 – Worst Game Ever Played


The challenge continues with the question ‘Worst Game You Ever Played?’ – Some of you may have got it from the banner above, but if you haven’t, then it’s Dr. Jekyll & Hyde for the NES. I had never heard about this game until recently when I was revisiting some of the older AVGN episodes and he took a look at this game. I watched in pure shock at what he was presenting to us. The game looked amazingly poor, but me being me, i thought to myself, just how can it be?

Well, that was a mistake. It really was as shockingly bad as James Rolfe made out. No joke, I died within about 15 seconds of starting the game. Game over screen after 15 seconds? What the?! The gameplay on this thing is absolutely terrible. The game has poor flow, and the idea of the game isn’t clear. I turned it off after about 10 minutes. Normally I’ll give games a go and try out things I wouldn’t normally play, but this game is just shockingly awful. I don’t think I’ll ever play anything that was as poorly executed and as awful as this.

I suppose one good thing about the game is that the title screen music is good. It set’s the mood nicely, shame the rest of the game is lacking.

Seriously, avoid this game and play something better, it doesn’t take much.

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  1. I remember playing this game in my youth when my funds were limited. I rented every game at the local rental shop and this one showed up one day. Obviously I had to rent it. It was absolutely atrocious back then. I couldn’t imagine that game getting any better with time. I’m sorry you had to experience that :(

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